Re: TCP-offload on IBM mainframe

From: Oleg Vishnepolsky (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 14:30:39 EST

vijay singh wrote:

> I wanted to put a question before the forum:
> On an IBM mainframe, while offloading the TCP
> processing on a 3172 Controller, can we control the
> buffer allocation (mbufs) on the offload (not on the
> TCP MVS bufferpool). I face a problem where the
> offload runs out of mbufs and the server application
> come down and does not come up again as it fails in
> the BIND call. Or can we free some mbufs by dropping
> some connections through netstat.
> Vijay

I am the original author of the offload code on 3172, and of the
TCP/IP stack running on 3172 (and OS/2), although I left IBM
in 1993. Yes, you can blame everything on me :-)
Anyway, to increase the number of mbufs, the TCP/IP stack code,
that sits in a device driver, has to be recompiled. You can ask IBM
to do it for you.

Oleg Vishnepolsky

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